How to get started?

1. Create your account. Once you are done, you'll see your dashboard.

2. Press the “Add to Slack” button from the dashboard. Note that only admins & owners of Slack account add integrations.

3. Press the button, and it’ll redirect you to the Slack integration page. Choose your team, authorize access, and start using Nurtz.

How will my bot work?

After activation your newly added Nurtz bot will become available in you team members list. You can DM it as well as invite it to any channel. It may come in handy when you're brainstorming that perfect text piece with your colleagues.

To invite bot to a channel, just type:

/invite @nurtz

How to proofread a text?

To proofread a text simply DM it to Nurtz bot like this:

proofread Your text goes here

You can also proofread your text in a channel if the Nurtz bot is a member of it.

What will you correct?

We correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and proper word usage so your writing style is professional.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

You can reset your password here.

Can I set spending limits for my team?

Yes! In your account you will find a Monthly Spending Limit. Once it is reached, no requests will be processed without your permission. Note: this setting is only available if your card information is saved.

How fast will you proofread my text?

On average, we can process your request in 10 minutes. However, during the peak hours, delays can be expected.